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The music in Martin's Day completes the film. British composer Wilfred Josephs wrote the theme music to Martin's Day, a beautiful classical-sounding piece, used to set the mood during Martin's flashbacks of the lake. Joseph's music throughout the movie is subtle, but so very beautiful. I couldn't imagine a better piece of music out there that would help set the tone and tell the story.

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The other main song in the movie is actually sung by Steckert throughout the story. From the beginning if the film when Steckert is in his jail cell, to the very end, and all throughout the movie, he is singing a song with the words, "I'm going where I come from..." Sometimes he sings the chorus, other times different verses, and still other times he is simply humming the tune to this mysterious song. It was driving me crazy wondering what this catchy little tune was, and finally I just sat down and began my research. Turns out the song is called "Going Back to Where I Come From" by Spike Jones and his City Slickers. By the time you finish Martin's Day, you will me humming that lil' ditty and it will be tough to get it out of your head!

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Goin' back to where I came from,
Where the honeysuckle smells so sweet,
it darn near makes you sick,
I used to think my life was humdrum,
but I finally learned a lesson that is bound to stick
There ain't no use in my pretendin'
'cause a town like this is no place for a guy like
me to end in,
Goin' back to where I came from,
where the mockingbird is singin' in the lilac bush.

I used to go down to the station,
every evening just to watch the pullman train
come rollin' in,
And then one night, that great temptation
got the best of me and led me to a life of sin.
I took my hat, and fourteen dollars,
and I went to all the trouble of the life
that always follers
When you're rich, and huntin' romance,
but my huntin' days are over, I can tell you that.

I met a gal in Kansas City,
She winked at me and asked me if I'd like to step around
And I said, "Yep, that's what I'm here for."
So she said she'd show me all the hottest spots in town.
But there were things she had to fix-up
So she took my fourteen dollars,
But there must have been a mix-up
She's been gone since thursday evening,
and I've got a hunch I'll never see that girl again.

When I grow up, and have a grandson,
I'll tell him 'bout my romancin'
And watch his eyes bug out,
But chances are he won't believe me,
And he'll do the same durn thing when he grows up,
No doubt.
But he can't say I didn't warn him
What'll happen when he meets up with them city girls,
goldurn 'em
Goin' back to where I came from,
where the mockingbird is singin' in the lilac bush.

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