Steck wouldn't be in Toronto long, but we found his home behind bars here. See where it all started in Martin's Day.
That first stolen cop car, the infamous "big red barn" and that tense scene with Steckert holding a gun to the neighborhood kid...it happened in Bolton!
Karen Black's cozy cottage? That quintessential "Main Street" where young Martin separates from Steck to get "a couple of Cokes?" Welcome to Stouffville, Ontario.
On The Road!
The kidnapping, service station robbery, roadside phone call, attempted vehicle interception, and oh, that glorious train hijacking! It's all here!
“The Lake”
“The cabin was just home. Just me…my father…then he died…and it was just me…and the loons.” We found that lake.
My Trip to “The Lake!”
Only the biggest Martin's Day fan in the entire universe would first ID the lake, and then actually go there. This was my trip...to "the lake!"